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awan, angin, udara
jalan aspal halus, mobil klasik,
gedung kokoh, minimalis, eksotik,
berjalan cepat atau ada di sisi kanan,
2 keran air, lantai kayu dan karpet,
trotoar, bus tingkat, tube, overground....

for 12 days, i am yours London

now i am here to face my real world
because you just such a beautiful dream,
i am still can't believe that you were not my imagine,

thank you London,
coz i should move right now,
hope we'll meet again soon :)

my friend said that the happiest things in life is free:
smile, laugh, friends, family, memories
and i've got it all :')

lepas dan bebas, let's move.. we'll meet again at the right point :)

you are d best, genk,, will be missing our quality time, i love you :')